My father’s grandfather once wandering around in a small village in Anatolia saw a woman weaving a rug. It was a hot summer day. She was so concentrated on her job that she noticed neither the cruel sun heat nor the pain in her fingers. He suddenly sat next to her and started to watch the magic movements of her hands.
Many years have passed since those days, his sons and grandsons are still saving the family tradition in Anatolia that he started many years ago.

I had a profession as a civil engineer and have worked in a big company for 11 years. But I can’t stop my passion for my ancestors handmade rugs. I quit my job and decided to do what I deeply love.
Their passionate stories about rugs and their natural beauty made me totally fall in love with them. It requires months, sometimes years and all your effort and patience to finish one rug. How can a person be so devoted I ask myself. And isn’t it a miracle that withstanding so many years kilim rugs can still preserve their beauty and sometimes they can even be transformed into different beautiful things like rug pillows, rug shoes and purses. 
Since 2014 we have been sharing our passion with our partners. At present we have a huge stock coming from the best Anatolian weavers. We ship our handmade collections worldwide...
Those people shared their love while making the rugs and now we’d love to share them with you.