Our passion comes from Anatolia, passion in love. Not only handmade, all heartmade...

Years ago, some men and women put all their patience, effort, energy and emotions into making these amazing rugs.
Most of them have already passed away, leaving parts of them, their work behind for us, to make us happy and bring warmth into our lives.. We changed them into runners and pillows  to bring this genuine love to your homes.
Coming from 1940's Anatolian region in Turkey...
  1. Over 200 Designs
    Over 200 Designs
    Colorful, vintage, cozy designs that fit your living room, sofa, hotels and even your office decorations.
  2. Made in Turkey
    Made in Turkey
    Our pillows and rugs are all made in Turkey. Front side is 100 % wool, handmade rug. Backside is 100% cotton, with hidden zip.
  3. Handmade Passion
    Handmade Passion
    Finishing just one handmade rug can sometimes require months, even years of effort and patience.
  4. Free Shipping
    Free Shipping
    Free shipping on all U.S. orders over 4 pieces. Visiting you as well...

Rug Covers

Antique Rugs Kilims

Exchange Services

We can cover everything with our handmade traditional rugs.
Extraordinary designs for comfortable chairs, bags, even christmas ornaments. For orders over 100 pieces, we can design something unique that is available ONLY for you.
Our rug experts are travelling all over U.S. to guide and assist you and offer suggestions on vintage home decoration. We have over 200 antique rugs in our carpet trucks. Upon request we can visit you wherever you are. Just contact us.
Maybe you got bored with your current carpet, maybe the colors are not as bright as they were before, or maybe it does not fit your new furnitures. Just let us know, we can bring 200 models to your door. No obligation to buy, just take a look...